Having worked together at a prior firm since 1998, Tom Ledford and Jim Fite founded The Lenox Group to provide primarily private, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs with sound corporate advisory services. Lenox provides advice regarding raising capital for internal growth as well as growth through acquisition. Lenox also advises owners on various liquidity alternatives including the sale of their business or a recapitalization. Since forming Lenox in 2003, Tom and Jim have focused on middle-market companies where strategic advice and alternatives can be more impactful and value-added. Together at their prior firm, they formed the Basic Industries Group and were senior members of the Healthcare and Hospitality Groups. Tom and Jim’s individual styles and experience compliment each other and are very effective in executing complex transactions.

After working at large regional and national firms, Tom and Jim recognized the value of putting the client’s interests first and decided that the best means of achieving this is to ensure each transaction receives partner-level attention. Understanding that each transaction may be the most important deal of the client’s career, the Lenox team invests significant time with a client preparing for a transaction. This dedication results in a better understanding of our client’s business and objectives, producing a superior outcome.

Tom and Jim hired other investment bankers that shared their enthusiasm and commitment to provide the highest quality execution on every engagement with a keen focus on integrity and fairness. The current Lenox team has been together since 2007 producing excellent continuity in conversing with capital providers as well as our clients. Each Lenox Group professional working on a transaction gives great attention to detail and accuracy of the information that is provided to the market. This strategy has proven successful for The Lenox Group and its clients leading to a very high transaction closure rate and a solid referral network of former clients.

I retained The Lenox Group

to monetize my healthcare technology business. As a smaller player in an industry dominated by McKesson, Cerner, etc., Lenox helped us level the playing field as we negotiated with a much larger, public-company acquirer. Lenox introduced multiple potential buyers into their competitive process and assisted us in finding the best cultural and economic fit. Having worked with other software companies, Lenox understood the rapid rate of change in our industry and continued to advocate our position in a turbulent market. I enjoyed working with the Lenox team and would seek their assistance in my next entrepreneurial venture.

Jeffrey Oyler, MD, FACEP

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Poseidon Group