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Financial Advisory

In addition to assisting with liquidity events & capital raising, The Lenox Group provides strategic and financial advisory services. Our advisory engagements are often the entry point for our relationships with potential sellers and buyers.

Past and present clients are frequently introduced to Lenox by a center of influence that currently works with the business, whether that be a lawyer, wealth manager, accountant, insurance provider, or other professional. In those instances, Lenox will assist a Company with determining what the market thinks the Company is worth today and steps that could be taken to maximize value over time. This collaborative approach with referral partners allows Lenox to “get in early” and help Families and Founders to plan for a transaction.

Services include:


Before Lenox is engaged by a Company, we will provide a valuation of the business at no cost to the client. This aligns expectations and objectives before going to market. As part of that process, Lenox will review and analyze historical and projected financial information, as well as current market information, to establish a range of expected values for the overall business.

Strategic Advisory

Alongside our valuation, Lenox will be engaged by Companies and Management Teams to evaluate strategic alternatives for the company – analyze initiatives and provide objective advice on the company’s strategic direction. This exercise is typically through the lens of how the Company can maximize value when it does decide to transact. But it is also an opportunity for Businesses to have a trusted advisor as it considers potential acquisitions, product or service expansion, efficiency enhancements, and other strategic initiatives around growth and succession planning.

Financial Advisory

Lenox will also be engaged by Management Teams, Board of Directors, and Ownership Groups in assessing the fairness of a proposed transaction. Lenox will render a fairness opinion to state whether the transaction is fair from a financial point of view to the interested parties.