Lenox provides both buy-side and sell-side advisory services to private, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.


On the sell-side, the Lenox team advises shareholders and management on various strategies to maximize shareholder value. Maximization may come through a complete sale of the business or through a recapitalization where shareholders/management retain a portion of the business and continue to operate the business with a financial partner. The first step in our process is to provide the seller with empirical data supporting the valuation of their company and setting expectations as to current “market value.” When Lenox takes a client to market, we will approach both strategic buyers (companies in the client’s industry) as well as financial buyers (private equity sponsors) depending upon time horizon and other goals of the shareholders. Our targeted process maximizes value through competition and a controlled timeline. By maintaining leverage through the process, clients are able to negotiate from a position of strength.

Having completed hundreds of successful transactions, our professionals are well-versed in transaction complexities in addition to the “emotional” aspect of selling a business. Recognizing that a company will likely only be sold once and that it may represent the shareholders’ most valuable asset, we utilize our senior bankers’ experience to make the transition as seamless as possible.


On the buy-side, we have run broad searches for US-based companies as well as multi-nationals looking for targets in the US and abroad. In addition to identifying targets, we have advised management teams in acquiring the division or company for which they work. In these instances, we assist the management team in valuing the business, structuring the transaction and finding the capital necessary to effect the transaction.

We have been engaged by private equity sponsors to find potential add-on acquisitions for their portfolio companies. In addition, we have assisted independent sponsors in raising capital to make acquisitions.